Need to streamline the interaction with your Parcel Carrier?

The Parcel Carrier integration  in Vision Commerce is designed to make your life easier when dealing with the whole aspect of parcel collection from the warehouse.

If you are distributing your own items then the parcel carrier gateway allows you to connect to nearly 120 different carriers throughout the world to automate the process of obtaining consignment details and printing the delivery labels.

How It Works

There are different integration options available, depending on your requirements, as follows:

  • Organise Carrier/Own Fulfillment – allows the user to generate all the required Parcel Carrier details (including consignment details and  labels) and these details are then included within the files sent to the warehouse if you are using the Warehouse API.
  • Warehouse Responsible – details are sent to your warehouse and the warehouse has connection to the Carrier of choice with the added ability to generate consignment numbers along with parcel labels and manifests
More information on the 100+ different carriers is available within our WiKi.
 Any warehouse not using the Vision Warehousing system can still have the messages that are produced by Vision Commerce sent to them but the customer would need to satisfy themselves that the Carrier details contained within the message can be utilised by their warehouse partner’s system. Equally, the customer would need to check that their partner’s warehouse system can produce and send back the messages required for Vision Commerce Cloud.

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